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Funko Pop Protectors

Why buy from us?
• Highest Quality - Not all protectors are created equal and we have sourced the best quality out there in durability, fitment, and clarity for your collection.
• No Sales Tax - CA residents, we pay the sales tax for you!
• Help Support Popspedia - As a thank you for your support, enjoy a bonus account upgrade on the Popspedia app for 6 months!

Currently only shipping to USA-48. Worldwide soon.

• How much is shipping? - Just $5 ships your entire order!
• Do you ship internationally? - Right now we only ship within the continental USA but we are looking into shipping worldwide soon.
• Do you have 3-Pack, Ride, etc. protectors? - We do plan on adding most, if not all, of the other protector sizes we do not already carry, but the eta is unknown.
• How do I activate ad-free? - In the app, go to the settings menu and tap "Ad-Free". If you do not need your redemption, feel free to gift it to a friend!

If you have any other questions before you order, feel free to contact me directly.